About Heather


Taken in the hotel bathroom after getting married. Classy!

Heather Robinson moved from Littleton, Colorado to Tucson, Arizona in 1993. After graduating high school she went on to work for America Online, where she met actress and writer Carrie Fisher in an online chat room.

Carrie eventually convinced Heather to write a screenplay based on her life as a teenager growing up with a single mother in Tucson. In 2004, Heather sold her first screenplay titled, “The Perfect Man” to Universal Pictures and in 2005 had a world wide release starring Hilary Duff, Heather Locklear and Chris Noth.

With a passion for helping her local communities, Heather has supported many non-profit organizations such as Wright Flight, New Beginnings for Women and Children, Salvation Army and the Humane Society just to name a few. You may have seen her on Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Extra!, and Good Morning America or featured in various magazine articles discussing her passion for philanthropy. Heather is a proud Army wife and mom to three four-legged kids.

For more information visit http://www.heatherrobinson.me


5 thoughts on “About Heather

  1. Rachel Tineo says:

    Hello Heather,
    I’m so excited to hear that there is someone that I can relate to that is I can blog with.
    I really wanted to just share my story with you. I like you have been rasied in Tucson, and suffered from being over weight most of my life. When I turned 40 I changed my outlook on life and my health, it’s been 14 months and I’ve successfully lost 55 pounds, When I started my life style change I was 192 pounds and was a good size 16 and really tight 14. I’m not a size 7/8 on good days a size 6, and I’m currently 146 and 1/2. I would love to compare notes and chat.
    thanks so much!
    Rachel aka the Kettlebell Queen and or Zumba Queen!

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