The Love & Fight Of My Life!

It’s official, 2018 has been one of the most challenging years of my life.

There are people in the world who inspire us to do better and be better. Two of those people are Jeanette Jenkins and Octavia Spencer. I made this video today right before I got the call to rush back to the hospital. Apparently chemo treatment number 3 is not working for my husband and we will start a 4th type of chemo next week.

The hits keep coming but we just get back up and continue to fight on!

One thought on “The Love & Fight Of My Life!

  1. Jan Robinson says:

    We’ll get through this together.. you are never alone. Many people are pulling for Gary and you.. hour at a time taking care of you as well as Gary in this battle. As we’ve been through challenges before – determination, love, strength, prayer, will guide you through this. I love you and know you will rise above and conquer your journey ahead! ❤️ Mom

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