What’s Your Sound?

Have you ever noticed how a specific sound can transport you to a certain place and time?  I’m not talking about a song on the radio, made up of words and a story.  I mean a real sound like a lawnmower or a drill?

My sound is a dishwasher.  No, I don’t mean some pimply faced teenager screaming to the chef in the back of a Denny’s.  Instead it’s the low deep hum and the slight sound of  water gradually filling the inside of my Whirlpool.

It takes me back to my grandmother’s kitchen. After finishing dinner, a few of us would be packaging up food and I would be loading the dishwasher.  It may sound dumb, but there was a sense of pride in cleaning up the dishes.  For starters we were lucky enough to have food on the table and even luckier to have a dishwasher.

The sound of the dishwasher meant the day was done. I just wish I enjoyed unloading and putting the dishes away. Oh well… for now I will just focus on the sound! 🙂

As I was looking for a picture to go with this post, I ended up finding a 70 MINUTE recording of a dishwasher. Hey — I can’t make this stuff up. 😉 Enjoy!