Life Is A Bento Box…How Do You Fill Yours?

BentoBoxWhen I first began my weight loss journey, I had to learn (and continue to learn) about portion control. One of the greatest gadgets to help someone who literally always sees the pie tin half empty instead of half full, is the bento box.

The origin of the bento can be traced back to the late Kamakura Period (1185 to 1333), when cooked and dried rice called hoshi-ii was developed. In the Azuchi-Momoyama Period (1568 to 1600), wooden lacquered boxes like today’s were produced and bento would be eaten during a hanami or a tea party.

When it comes to food and life I have noticed the contents of my bento boxes have changed dramatically over the past several years. When starting out I would try to shove as much food as possible into one little compartment of the bento box. Then I would cram in some dessert and any other disgusting food I could find. To secure the lid, I would need a roll of duct tape. Okay, maybe the duct tape is an exaggeration, but its pretty darn close.

While we all make choices every second of our lives, I chose to stop settling for less and to strive for more. I gradually began to make changes to my bento box. I would replace the cheeseburger with a grilled breast of chicken. The fries became a mixed salad and the dessert was fresh fruit.

As I began to notice the changes in my food related bento box, I could see a dramatic shift in my lifestyle bento box. What was once filled with negative toxic people were eventually replaced with positive, loving people. Instead of sitting on the couch surfing Pinterest, I  would go for a long walk. I realized that difficult choices create small changes that lead to positive results.

As I do every day, I will wake up this Thursday (hopefully) and be grateful for all that I have. I will continue to cherish my friends who are also my family. I will appreciate the genuine happiness and laughter that fills my home. I will be grateful for the smallest things that so many take for granted. And yes, after the food has been eaten and the dishes are done, I will make sure my bento boxes are full of nothing but the good stuff!

Happy Thanksgiving!




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