Pedego Yourself Thin!

PEDEGOMy husband and I just moved to Seal Beach, California and without our household goods, we have been utilizing the “wash, dry, fold” service at the local laundromat. One evening we had some time to kill between loads and decided to take a stroll through the shopping complex.

We came to a store with several neat looking bicycles in the window. The sign on the door said, “Pedego Electric Bikes — For Rent”. We both looked at each other not knowing exactly what a Pedego was. (I thought it was a special pedicure for your feet.) Man, was I wrong! That night after we got home we did a Google search and found all kinds of interesting articles about these bicycles. There was a Los Angeles Times article about a man who sold his car and commutes using this bike. As I read the article I couldn’t help but think to myself, “Yeah, that’s great…but I bet he’s not 80 pounds overweight either.”

I dismissed the articles and went on about my evening. The next day my husband and I were on our way to dinner when he turned into the shopping complex. I didn’t say anything until he parked the car in front of the Pedego store. I looked at him and he said, “Let’s go in and take ’em for a test ride.” I wanted to die. Right there in the seat of our Rav4, I wanted to curl up and die under the front dash of the car. I have a hard enough time riding a stationary bike at a gym, alone…in the dark. The last thing I wanted to do was get on a bicycle during the day and ride around in public. Before I could even say anything, he was out of the car standing at the sidewalk waiting for me. I took a few deep breaths and slowly followed him into the store.

Once in the store we were greeted by Beth Black, who was unbelievably friendly and very knowledgeable. My husband had several questions about tires, speed, and distance. I had one question: Would this thing collapse if I sat on it? I know people say that it’s not funny to make fun of weight, but come on… I’ve seen those huge people sitting on those little bike seats where the springs are being suffocated by a huge butt cheek. Now I was going to be the provider of the huge cheeks and those poor little springs had no idea what was in store for them.

We signed a waiver, strapped on our helmets and took off on our little test adventure around the neighborhood. I was shocked at how comfortable my seat was and how easy the bike was to operate. I was able to peddle in between using the throttle and going up hill was a breeze. Over the past few years I had only been on a stationary bike, but to be out in the fresh air, riding around the neighborhood was a real treat. We came back to the store and I couldn’t help but tell Beth how much I loved the ride. It was smooth, comfortable and most of all…FUN! I couldn’t believe it… an exercise that was fun. I didn’t know that was possible. Please don’t let your weight be an excuse to miss out on these terrific machines. Do yourself a favor and check out the Pedego website or visit their Facebook page.

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