Go Ahead…Have Your Cake AND Eat It Too!

As my husband and I begin our PCS (permanent change of station) move to California, I was asked to be in charge of the cake for his farewell office party. Something so simple, somehow became very important to me.  I wanted to select a cake that would really capture what he is all about. It had to be different, funny and of course unforgettable.

I met up with my friend and showed her a picture of what I wanted the cake to look like. She couldn’t help but laugh and explained how I have inspired her to always take risks and to think outside the box. She said, “I would have always played it safe with a sheet cake, but you come along and you make it okay to be different and to make it memorable.”

I told her how much Gary loved Popeyes Chicken and how he and his friends would eat Popeyes1there almost every day. When he went in for his surgery he was asking for Popeyes Chicken and biscuits in the hospital room. So this cake was simply perfect for my husband!

THANK YOU Celebrity Cake Studio in Tacoma — You’re simply the best!!


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