My Smoothie Looked Like A Horse Crapped In The Blender

HorseGrass3A few days ago my doctor suggested that I try something called, “Amazing Grass Chocolate Green Superfood.” So I picked up a tub of this stuff at the local Supper Supplements in Lakewood, Washington and headed home. (BTW the people there are super cool!)

This morning my alarm went off and I shuffled my way downstairs. Half awake, I filled the blender with water, ice and a scoop of the “amazing” powder from the container. As the blender worked its miracle, I struggled to keep my eyes open.

Once the blending stopped, I poured the smoothie into my cup and sat down at the table with a banana. I should have known something was wrong when both cats ran away from the kitchen and the birds in the back yard flew to the neighbors house. The smell was less than appealing and the consistency looked as if a horse crapped in the blender.


I took my first big gulp and kept choking the stuff down before I hit the bottom of the glass. I should have known better… I mean when it says “GRASS” on the front, you shouldn’t expect the smoothie to taste like freshly picked fruit. Unable to drink any more, I started to rinse my cup when the power of the water from the faucet dislodged the remaining chunk of remnants. The sludge shot up into the air covering the kitchen ceiling, my hair and of course my face.

I couldn’t help but think that now I had a smoothie and a mud mask. Tomorrow will definitely be a new day of recipes and finding out just what makes this smoothie taste so delicious.

Today however, I was able to put the “ass” in the Amazing Grass Superfood Smoothie.

If you have any smoothie recipes PLEASE e-mail them to me! 🙂

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