Have YOU Experienced The “Sit Of Shame” Lately?

I was listening to  P!nk’s “Walk of shame” song this morning on my way to work when I noticed traffic starting to slow down along I-5 North. Ahead of me on the right shoulder I could see the glaring blue and red lights of a police cruiser who had pulled over a man in a lime green Ford Fusion.

As we slowly made our way past his vehicle, I couldn’t help but notice that the driver had his head lowered and was avoiding any and all eye contact with passersby. In true Heather fashion, I honked my horn and waved to the driver. The cop didn’t even look up from writing his ticket, however, the driver kept his head down and stuck his hand out the window while giving me the finger.

So, this Urban Dictionary entry is for you Lime Green Ford Fusion man.

1. Sit of shame

That moment when you’re sitting in your car after being pulled over by a cop. Knowing that every person driving by is looking at you.
Yesterday I was pulled over and had to endure the sit of shame as people slowly passed by looking at me.




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