If That’s A Muffin Top, Then I Have A Burger Bulge – Supersized

This morning I was reading through the headlines and I saw the following:

Kristin Chenoweth, 88 Pounds, Thinks She Has a “Muffin Top”

So naturally I clicked on the link and I read the story about how the beautiful and talented Kristin Chenoweth tweeted how she thought she had a muffin top in the picture shown here. (Photo Courtesy: Michael Simon/startraksphoto.com)


I’m not a doctor or a psychologist, so who cares what I have to say. Which leads me to the following reaction… ARE YOU FRICKIN’ KIDDING ME?? First of all, we are all critical of ourselves no matter what shape, size, color, gender etc. But if you’re so “worried” about your tiny little belly poking out over your size 1 bikini, maybe you should cover yourself up with a ski parka. (Oh wait, maybe it was a dreaded size 2. We all know going up a size can really wreck havoc on your psyche.)

When I read stories like this I wonder why people just can’t keep their mouth shut?! It’s not cute. It’s not even the slightest bit endearing. I don’t know about you but I certainly don’t think, “Awwww look at the beautiful, talented Kristin Chenoweth who looks amazing, is very talented, making money doing what she loves, but she does have a little pot on her.”

We are all flawed. Some of us have daily reminders every time we look in the mirror. But when I read something like this, something that is just an attention grabber because someone doesn’t feel as special as they should, I can’t help but roll my eyes and say “Okay, you wanted attention? You’ve got it! Congratulations, you made headlines. You’re being looked at from all areas of the world. Are you happy? Does it make your tragedy a little more tolerable? No? Well, okay… here is a picture of you and your “muffin top” fully exposed.”


There is a guy named Sam who lost both of his legs in Iraq this past month. His life is FOREVER changed and yet he and his fiancee focus on the positive. Their story should be the one making headlines, not this waste of time. (Yes, I know I’m wasting my time writing about it. But it feels sooo good!) 😉

So forgive me Ms. Chenoweth if I don’t shed tears over your sad observation of yourself as you frolicked around the beach in your little bikini. Instead I’m going to have a chocolate shake and a cheeseburger in your honor. You’re welcome.

In the future please feel free to refer to this guide if you are ever in doubt.


2 thoughts on “If That’s A Muffin Top, Then I Have A Burger Bulge – Supersized

  1. zachandclem says:

    I understand your frustration. But I’m pretty sure that lady is suffering, if she’s THAT preoccupied with her appearance. I just feel compassion.

    • Error of My Weighs says:

      I do agree with you. I feel bad for her that she looks at that picture and doesn’t see beauty. Oh well, maybe this will be a red flag that she needs to get some help? Or maybe just give me the finger. 😉

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