Texts From My Friends: PRICELESS

I have to admit I love talking trash with my friends. We will call each other and hurl out derogatory remarks as if they were going out of style. The other day I was going through my cell phone and I was impressed by how well my cell phone represented who I am. (I have calls to my Husband, Mom, Dad, a few friends, and of course the disgusting texts with my friends and much, much more.) Then I thought, “When I die, some poor bastard is going to look at my cell phone and get a very clear picture into the world of Heather.”

Then I thought, “Why should I wait until I’m dead to unleash the treasures that are stored deep within my iPhone?!” So if you don’t mind, I would like to take a moment and walk you through some of the highlighted random texts that I have received from so called “friends” of mine.

I love these people and I am grateful they are in my life… no matter how disgusting they are! 😉

Upon opening my phone you will see a picture of the Ferry in Steilacoom, WA.


Then we go straight to the text messages.  The circled “treasure” for today is from my friend Rick who is also the brother I always wished for. (And so grateful I found him.)


Phone5Now we skip to January, where Rick had called me earlier in the evening to explain that his New Years resolution was to eat better and in doing so the “roughage” was killing him. Of course I made a comment about his ass being a “Salad Shooter” and yelled at him to stop calling me from the bathroom. Then I get this text the next afternoon…

Phone7Yes, we are gross… but loveable! There will be more texts to come. Until then, happy texting (except while driving, riding a bike or flying a helicopter.)

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