A Change For Oscar’s Eye Candy

Dear Seth MacFarlane, Craig Zadan, Neil Meron, and anyone else who has a minute:

You’re probably wondering who this overweight, obviously bored, woman is with way too much time on her hands? Well, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Heather Robinson. I’m a military wife, a lover of Tweenkie’s and I do indeed have way too much time on my hands. For the past several weeks I have been spending my time at the Madigan Army Hospital as my husband has been recovering from having a brain tumor (Acoustic Neuroma) removed from his head.

The entire process has been a blessing and a curse. The blessing is the fact that he is doing well and learning to walk and write again. The curse, way too much time to think about random things — hence this open letter to you. So without wasting MORE of your time, I will get to the reason I am up at 3:45am on a Saturday writing this.

My husband (Gary) and I were watching the Golden Globes and it was painfully obvious to see our two worlds collide. Me, the screenwriter with little success in the industry and him, an active duty military soldier who watched just because he had a crush on Jodie Foster.

As we were watching and I use the word “we” loosely, I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful women who stood to the side while the winners receive their award. I want to use the word escort, but that seems so… inappropriate. So the escorts are beautiful. If I had a body like that, I would offer to escort as well. Right now I couldn’t even escort the Westminster Dog Show. But I digress…so I started to think about these women who stand in the background. Maybe there is a reason they are standing there and a Google search has yet to provide the answer. (Maybe you can answer this for me?)

Anyhow, I was hoping that with sharing, liking, blogging, twittering, Facebooking, and everything else social media related, I could send this virtual letter out into Al Gore’s world wide web and make a simple request.

Would it be possible to have our men and women, young and old, beautiful and Heather, who serve or have served in our military, stand to the side and walk the celebrities off stage for the 85th Academy Awards airing February 24, 2013 on ABC? (You didn’t think I was going to write this letter and NOT plug the show did you? I may be fat, but I’m not stupid.) Maybe mix it up a little and have school teachers, first responders, people who make a huge difference in our world but get little recognition.

I do understand that you’re busy and with that I don’t expect to hear back from you. I just thought that maybe someway this simple suggestion could virtually make its way to you while you’re brainstorming for the show.

Thank you so much for your time.


Heather Robinson

Gary & Heather Wedding Day (10 days before surgery)

Gary & Heather Wedding Day                (10 days before surgery)

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