A Little HOPE For 2013!

Like every Sunday I was doing my chores which included cleaning out the litter box. Before I  started scooping, I saw something shiny inside. I know my cats don’t have polished turds, so I looked closer and found the little metal “HOPE” emblem that was on one of our candles downstairs.

I chuckled to myself thinking that all along I was looking for inspiration and it was right there buried in the cat box.

Timmmaaayyy our “special needs” cat ran in and did her business as I stood there watching with a scoop in one hand and a bag in the other. (Yeah, perverted I know!) When she left, the HOPE was gone. (And I sure as heck wasn’t gonna search for it.)

When I came downstairs I saw that the HOPE was now stuck to her butt.

Moral of the story here… No matter how crappy things are, there is always HOPE!

Happy New Year!

🙂   🙂   🙂

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