Be Great To Yourself And Good To Others!

Every day I am thankful for all that I have. I am constantly telling my friends and family how much I love and appreciate them. A few days ago someone asked me what is the strangest thing I’m “thankful” for this holiday. I didn’t have to think long about it. I am so thankful for NOT having certain people in my life.

Sure, it sounds a little harsh but life without “Toxic” makes for a walk without eggshells and a lot less stress. The hardest part of taking care of myself was removing the people who are emotional vampires. (This ain’t no Twilight series!) I have been told so many times by people who are much older (not necessarily wiser) than me, to love my family and to keep trying. My lips must be stained from all of the Kool-Aid I drank. I took that advice and kept trying, but every time it was just never enough. Looking back now it’s comical how hard I tried for people who didn’t really want me or deserve me in their life.

After several years I finally learned that I needed to stop trying to be great for everyone else and be great to myself and good to others. It was the easiest, hardest lesson learned.

So this holiday season I will be surrounded by LOVE, LAUGHTER and pure JOY. I will talk freely and joke openly without fear of confrontation.

Yep, a great Thanksgiving indeed. From our house to yours… have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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