Lunch Order Today: Super Size Emotional Sandwich with a Side of Fear, Panic and Anxiety.

I once heard a saying: “Life is like a shit sandwich and I’m fresh out of bread!” Well, right now I am dealing with a Super Sub.

I have received several e-mails asking where I am and what’s going on?  The great news is…I got engaged!!!! The bad news is… we are now dealing with a very scary personal matter and I won’t be online much for the next several weeks.

If you have a spare moment and could send up a prayer, or a positive thought, it would be very much appreciated.

I will be back soon…I promise.

Doubt Fuels Anger, Anger Generates Motivation And Motivation Provides Results

It’s easy for people to doubt you. People doubted Bob Siudak and look what he was able to accomplish.

Sure, I have doubted myself and we all know what that got me.

Now I am in a place where I trust what I have known all along. I’m able to focus and dedicate my time and that is exciting. When I get excited I share it with the people around me. The only down side is that some of those people doubt I will actually accomplish my goals. I guess that is only natural since I’ve started and stopped so many times.

So doubt on, people! Doubt on! As I have always said, “The doubt fuels the anger and anger generates motivation and the motivation provides results.”