The “Magic Carpet Ride” Left Me With A Rug Burn!

I was eating my oatmeal for breakfast and thinking about how much I sit at my desk and write. I decided to Google search  “Best Exercises To Do At Your Desk”.

I found a great article that listed random things I could do… one being the “Magic Carpet Ride”.

I don’t know if it was the oatmeal clogging my brain or the idea of being Aladdin at my desk, but I got so excited I did just as the instructions told me:

The “Magic Carpet Ride” works your core and arms.

  1. Sit in your chair with your legs crossed and your feet on the seat.
  2. Then place your hands on the armrests, suck in your gut and raise yourself a few inches above the seat, using your belly, muscles and hands.
  3. Hold for 10 to 20 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds. Repeat five times.

This is where I hovered above my seat for 3 seconds, flipped the chair over and ended up rug burning my elbows.

So much for channeling my inner Aladdin. My Magic Carpet needs a tune up.

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