“I Suppose Giving Someone The Finger Is Always Better When A Butterfly Is Involved.”

Over the years Grandma had a purple binder that she always kept close to her chest.  (She would literally hold it against her chest so no one could see.) We thought it may have been some housewife porn, so we never really asked about it.

After her passing in July, we were boxing up her things and found the purple binder next to her recliner. We carefully opened it up and found hundreds of handwritten book reports (some were repeated due to her Alzheimer’s), random notes and a diary she had started in order to keep track of her days.

As we read through some of the book reports, notes and diary, we couldn’t help but laugh and cry. This 90-year-old had innocently put a humorous spin on her life in assisted living, and living with Alzheimer’s.

We hope that you get a chuckle out of her random thoughts and join us at http://trudystales.wordpress.com/ in sharing the memories of her life one post at a time.

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