I’ll See Your Marsh Mellow Arms And Raise You My Beer Koozie Thighs

It’s always fun getting the ladies together for lunch. We were talking about working out and firm bodies when someone said she had marsh mellow arms.  I told the woman in true poker playing fashion, “I’ll see your marsh mellow arms and raise you my beer koozie thighs.” Well that comment broke the fat levee, and the conversation quickly turned to all things thunder thighs, squishy parts and nasty things related. Things that no person should ever blog about… except for me, because I am gross and I don’t care. (Isn’t that a song? “Heather is gross and I don’t care!”) Anyhow…

I haven’t done lunges or wall squats in a long time. Why? Because when I do I look like a bear taking a dump in the forest. Okay, to be fair, I’ve never seen that. But if they did look anything like me while lunging or wall squatting, I would point and laugh! Now that I am back on the work out or die regimen, I am doing the dreaded lunges and wall squats to turn my koozie thighs into stone.

With that being said, this is fair warning to put your hunting permit away if you see me at the gym. That ain’t no bear!

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