If Family Were A Cooking Tool, It Would Be A Meat Mallet

One of the benefits of having a friend who knows how to cook is not only the awesome food they need you to taste, but the information you learn along the way. Case in point, my friend Casandra. Casandra is a Chef, or was a Chef. Okay, so she graduated Chef school and is one of the best people I know. Over the years when she was going through school she would call me up and we would talk about life, jobs, boyfriends, family and other random things that we were experiencing. She would often teach me things that I had no use in knowing but found enlightening, especially for this blog.

One margarita filled evening; we were discussing her cooking tools and the use of the meat mallet. Just the term “meat mallet” made us giggle like little kids and was fuel for the perverted bon fire. As she continued to explain in detail how the meat mallet was an instrument used for beating and driving wedges while striking with force repeatedly, I couldn’t help but think it sounded a lot like family.

We both laughed at the irony and shared our own stories of being “tenderized” due to the meat mallets that were in our lives. Keyword being, “were”.

Even though some of my family may not be blood related, we treat each other with respect, kindness and courtesy. When we have issues we talk it through like adults. We don’t play the silent treatment game and we certainly don’t hang up on each other. We don’t blame each other for miscommunication and we allow the other person the opportunity to stand up for themselves. When all of that is done, we FORGIVE each other and if needed, allow the other person to be wrong. I have the best family in the world, because we fight to stay in each other’s life. Only the tough remain… unconditionally.

To the people who have removed me from their life, thank you! I now share my time, money and love on those who truly deserve it and appreciate it. 😉

One thought on “If Family Were A Cooking Tool, It Would Be A Meat Mallet

  1. rebecca2000 says:

    Great post. Yes but I relate family to a rope. The rope probably has broken many times but you tie it back together. While it doesn’t remain unblemished, every time you tie it, it shortens the length of the rope, therefore the people on each end are standing closer.

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