If Heaven Exists, Steve Jobs and My Grandma Just Played A Prank On Us!

You may be wondering what does Steve Jobs have to do with my Grandma Trudy? Well, I will explain and show you the picture.

To give you a little background, my Grandma was not the most technical person in the world. She had a Jitterbug phone which she operated with ease (you flip it up to answer, you flip it down to hang up) and would carry it with her everywhere. The remote control to her television was constantly “playing tricks” on her so she would leave the television on one channel just to prove that she was in charge!

Grandma knew that we had our iPhones and she would be amazed how we could play music, movies and games in that “little box”. A few days after my Grandma passed away, my Mom and I were together. When we checked the temperature on her iPhone 4, the weather information that is generated by GPS showed “Gertrude” as the location. We both couldn’t believe it and immediately thought to capture a screen shot. Which is what you see to the left. We hit refresh several times and it stayed the same. We finally shut the phone off and turned it back on. When we hit the weather app, it gave us the correct current location.

It hasn’t happened anymore. She was listed as “Mom” in the phone not Gertrude.  There were no Gertrude cities, streets or businesses where we were. We have been looking for an explanation of how that could have shown up.

So, if any of you Apple folks out there have any thoughts about this or could shed some light on this experience, it would make for an interesting discussion. In the meantime, we will just think it was her way of saying “Who has the Apple iPhone now?!!?” I wonder if she can bump in to the Powerball machine inventor?!

One thought on “If Heaven Exists, Steve Jobs and My Grandma Just Played A Prank On Us!

  1. Laurie says:

    I love this story Heather! That would be just like her to track down Steve Jobs and make this happen! Can’t you see her at the gate, picking St. Peter’s brain for a way to let you know that she is alright? I sure can!! Mr. Jobs must have been within ear shot and piped up at just the right time. 🙂

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