My Ass Is A Jello Jiggler And I Just Ate Pudding For Breakfast!

Not only did I fall off the wagon yesterday, but I could have melted the tires, blew out the engine and flipped through the air multiple times. It was one of those days where I found myself using a graham cracker to spoon out the Chocolate Jello pudding crack for breakfast.  Followed by double fisting a Chocolate Chip Frappe and a Mocha Frappe as I drove to the local casino where I rounded out the evening at the All-U-Can-Eat buffet for dinner.

To say I had more seafood under my belt than the Gorton’s Fish stick guy, would be an under statement. (Actually, it would be a lie because I wasn’t wearing a belt!) I eventually rolled my seafood stuffed ass out of the casino, came home and fell asleep. Sure this is a new day, but damn! I don’t know what the trigger was for me to self-implode but I have to admit that it didn’t taste good at all.

We all have our moments… for me I just wipe the chocolate from the corners of my mouth and start over again.

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