Silly Fatty, Meals Are For Kids!

One of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn is eating smaller and slower! Smaller portions and taking the time to taste the food not “inhale” it as my Mom would often say. I have to admit that I thought a “normal” portion was the perfect amount of food…for a family of ten!

So I started ordering from the kids menu – where the portions are smaller and the price is a little cheaper.  When I would order off the adult menu,  I would guilt myself into eating the entire meal, because let’s face it — there are children in Africa who are going hungry. So on behalf of all of the starving people in the world, I was eating for you!! You’re welcome!

Now as I start to wrap my head around this mental process I’m taking back the power and removing the risk. They say a typical portion is the size of your paw. Well, that’s terrific but who are the people conducting these tests? I mean if you had a 6’5 person chances are their portion would be larger than the girl who is 5’1. Just sayin. So my portions are the size of MY hand. I certainly don’t get out a ruler and measure each area of my plate. I just guess and hope for the best! Who says size matters?! (Don’t worry guys, the ruler has been put away.)

Anyhow, if you have man hands or little baby paws here is a chart that might help you out when you’re trying to guess how much slop you should be eating. Enjoy!

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