I was even more excited than normal to go on my walk because I had downloaded a free app on my iPhone called MapMyRUN . After plugging in some numbers and hitting the start button, I had just turned the corner from my house. Like I do on every walk, I start with a few daily fitness mental affirmations of how awesome it feels to walk uphill for long distances, how my butt will be firmer for doing this, and how much I love the burn in my thighs. As I reached peak motivational status, I heard a voice from behind me yell out, “Coming up on your left!”

I kindly moved over and turned just in time to see a woman who I would guess was in her early to mid-seventies run past me. She smiled and kept on going. I couldn’t help but stop to watch this 70 year old Gazelle in Spandex, sprint past me as if she had just started out her run.

Not even three minutes into my walk and I already felt defeated! But it was motivating to see a woman that age out there rockin the Spandex and in such great shape. The Gazelle gave me hope — don’t worry, not enough hope to toss on a pair of spandex shorts and a shirt. (There isn’t enough hope in the world for that to happen.)

Anyhow, I continued on my walk and kept at a decent pace. Although I did stop to take a few pictures. Toward the end of my walk the sweat was dripping into my eyes and I saw what I thought to be a dog turd moving across the path. As I got closer I discovered it was a HUGE snail without a shell. I could only imagine what HIS mental affirmations for the day would be! 😉


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