“Miss Robinson, you’re too heavy!”

Those were the words the man behind the Southwest Airlines ticket counter shouted to me as I was digging in my purse for my cell phone. I responded with, “Well thanks for stating the obvious, Steve!” He started to laugh and more importantly, I laughed. Steve waved his hands toward my bag and reassured those around us that he was not talking about me. You see in order for my bag to fly free (one of the very few airlines that allow that now) the maximum weight has to be 50 pounds or less, anything over that is a $50 fee.

Well, I was pushing 54 pounds and my good friend Steve was quick to let me know it. He asked if I wanted to pay the fee or remove some of the items. Before he could finish his sentence, my bag was unzipped and I was shoving things into my purse.

I watched as the numbers on the scale dropped and finally hit the magical “50” mark. Steve laughed and pointed at my purse. A pair of panties had gotten caught in the zipper and a pair of red shoes were sticking out of the pockets. He made some remark about having clean underware and I responded with utilizing duct tape around his “no no” place. That quickly shut him up and with that I was on my way to security.

As I was sitting at my gate I couldn’t help but think about my bag. How in just a matter of minutes I had to decide what should stay and what should go. When forced under pressure to decide the importance of things, it’s amazing what we decide to let go of, and even more important, the things that we feel we must hang on too.

I took out a pen and made a list of the things that I really needed to let go of. These are things that have been weighing me down and causing me to pay extra both physically, mentally, and emotionally. When was the last time you unzipped your bag and removed the few things that were weighing you down?

Who knew that traveling light could feel so good!?

2 thoughts on ““Miss Robinson, you’re too heavy!”

  1. Loves Seattle lives in Tucson says:

    Howdy Heather-
    I appreciate the irony in your blog and don’t we all wish we could easily get rid of the things that weigh us down emotionally, etc…I wonder if my psych class did some research on who holds onto things and who doesn’t, if it correlates with how much we drag around with us physically…could be one of the reasons my sister lovingly calls my mom the “bag lady”. 🙂
    I recently traveled to Seattle on the train where one is allowed to store a small circus inside the train with no extra fees. I hauled my son’s electric guitar amp, guitar, snowboarding clothes, and all my pre-med books (which each weigh fifty punds themselves) in twelve seperate pieces of luggage. I also own two extra large suitcases, that were packed to the brim with two weeks worth of, well, pretty much anything one can think of… Dinner party clothes– CHECK!(we weren’t going to dinner parties) Cowboy boots –CHECK!(we weren’t riding any horses)… A baby elephant and a small mouse with a red hat and some pink elephants and Casey Jr. comming down the track — CHECK! CHECK! CHECK! Both of those large suitcases weighed in close to 70 pounds EACH.
    I did not think about traveling home with everything when we loaded it all onto the train…we were flying home on Delta out of SEATAC and when the ticket counter saw us and our red cap coming started greedily rubbing their palms together and high fiving each other…our flight would pay for Delta to stay in business another year and they all had jobs…
    Yippy KYE YAY!
    Good for Delta…bad for us…I couldn’t fit the pink elephants back in my purse so they had to stay…at least my panties weren’t sticking out LOL 🙂
    I got to thinking, 99% of the stuff I dragged along I didn’t need I just thought I couldn’t live with out it.
    So I am making a list…I am making a list of the things I don’t need and that I need to let go of…it’s going to be hard but who knows next time I maybe flying a lot lighter in more ways than one.
    Thanks for the great idea .. not only will I be decluttering my luggage but the dust bunnies in my mind too. 🙂
    Have a great day-

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