My Thighs Bounced Against Airplane Seats Like A Boxing Speed Bag!

You’re probably asking yourself, what is a boxing speed bag? Well, here is a picture…

When flying I had a very specific system… I would walk down the aisle as fast as I could (with my thighs bouncing off the seats like a boxing speed bag) and find a seat toward the rear of the plane. As I would nestle in next to a window, I would grab the seatbelt and pull as hard as possible, hoping that my Hulk like skills would extend the fabric through the seat and I would hear that magical “click”.  I would hold my breath (which often smelled like a sandwich or Starbucks) and hoped that when the two pieces of metal would touch noses they would hook. When they didn’t connect, I would shove the seatbelt up under my shirt so no one would know that I wasn’t securely fastened.

I mention this because I recently watched a video that discussed vulnerability and how to “Lean into your discomfort”. I couldn’t help but to think about the discomfort I now feel as I am able to hook the seatbelt. For so long I had shoved the seatbelt under my clothes and I wouldn’t experience the discomfort. I guess it became the way I lived my life… I would just hide the parts that I didn’t want to face and hope that the people in my life, including myself, wouldn’t notice.

So now as I board each flight, I eagerly fasten my seatbelt and cherish the discomfort that I feel because that discomfort is proof that I am getting closer to my goal.

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