Are You A Cartman Or A Kenny?

A few days ago I was out for a walk when the weather changed pretty quickly and the rain moved in before we could get to the house. The nerve damage in my left knee was hurting pretty bad and I started to use four letter words that I didn’t even know existed. The person I was with snapped a picture of me — to catch me in the moment?!

He started to laugh and said, “You’re cussing like Cartman but you look like Kenny!”  I started to laugh and as we walked back home I thought about that statement. Now, I don’t know what you think, but to me South Park is funny in its own messed up way. I wondered have I been a Kenny for all of these years? Quite, not really vocal and just allowing people to step all over me. Now, as I continue on this path that I’m on, have I finally channeled my inner Cartman where I tell people exactly what I think? Either way, it gave me something to ponder as I washed my mouth out with soap. (Are there calories in soap?) 😉

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