I Wouldn’t Even Sleep With Myself!

The person who decided to place a mirror directly across from the shower was either blind or a body builder. How can I possibly be successful in my laws of attraction and positive thinking when I start every day seeing myself naked. Let me just say this — there isn’t enough steam in the world to cover up this mass of ass.

While on this subject I want to discuss something kind of personal. (Really Heather? What a shock!) I would like to discuss intimacy and being overweight. I’ve heard from several people both male and female who say they are hurt when their significant other doesn’t find them attractive when they are overweight. My response to them is this… DUH! I wouldn’t expect someone to want to sleep with me when I wouldn’t even sleep with myself.

Now that I am on this weightloss journey I really don’t want to sleep with myself. Between the tents that I’m wearing because my clothes are getting bigger, the smell of leafy greens seeping out of my sweat glands to the nasty breath I have from eating a lot more protein, it’s amazing that I can even say I have a boyfriend right now. 😉 BUT… I do have a boyfriend and as I continue each day he smiles and loves me for who I am. There is one thing I do know for sure, he is with me through the good, the bad and obviously… the ugly.

So don’t be hurt when your significant other finds you repulsive. Use that feeling to motivate you to keep going. We are all truly beautiful on the inside and out and need to love ourselves before others can love us. Alright everyone… group hug! 😉

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