Ashy Cat Tat … Straight out of the “WTF” Files…

While this blog is dedicated to all things weight loss related, I realized that I come across some amazing “WTF” moments that I often share on my Facebook page and would like to share them here with you as well.

So here we begin with this little gem I recently came across…

A few days ago a woman had her shirt lifted up because she just had a tat done of her beloved cat. Sounds okay so far, right!? Well, she went on to say how her cat had passed away and in memory of the cat she had the artist draw the tattoo for her. Still sounds okay… but here is where the story takes a “WTF” turn… she had her ashes from the cat mixed with the ink and injected into her arm as he outlined the tattoo. Gulp. She said “Now my cat is literally with me every day. It looks bumpy because the ashes make the skin raise just a little.” I wanted to vomit but I grabbed my camera phone instead. And now for your viewing pleasure I share with you Ashy Cat Tat.

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