Fatty, Party of One — Your Trough is Ready!

The one gift not under the tree this year is the gift that Jeramy, Bob and my Better Bodies family have given to me over the past several months. As most of you know by reading my entries on this blog (or the lack thereof) I have had several challenges along my journey of losing weight. This was something that Jeramy, the owner of Better Bodies, expected from the beginning. He was the first person to look me in the eye and tell me I would FAIL. This was coming from someone who didn’t know who I was or how determined I am at finishing something. So, naturally I was quick to meet his stare and tell him he was wrong. Well, little did I know how truly challenging this process would be. I thought that with some “creative scheduling” I would be able to maneuver around my job, take care of my emotional issues and walk off all of the weight within a few months. Piece of cake! Hmmmm Cake. Okay, so the joke is on me.

I believe that both Jeramy and I have been right. I’ve failed to lose the weight in a specific amount of time, but I haven’t given up. Just the opposite actually. This blog has gone dark for several weeks now, not because I was locked in a food pantry hogging down on pastries eating myself into a sugar induced coma.  I’ve actually started planning and preparing for some life changing decisions that I have made.

For so long I have taken care of others, and while I’ve settled for a life that I thought was “honorable”, it’s been physically killing me. We can only work so much and take care of others for so long before those actions take their toll. The first step in this process is admitting that we are number one to ourselves and no one else. While we all have our demons, mine were deeply rooted and needed a little more time to reach the surface. Which they did… finally.

I hope that Jeramy, Bob, and my friends will continue to support me as I continue down this path and share my adventure that I am about to embark on. I read a quote recently by Henry David Thoreau that said:

“Let go of the past and go for the future. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you imagined.”

I’m headed in the right direction…

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