Personal Gremlins

When it’s time to try something new, do you run right out and jump into it, confident that you are going to succeed with no doubts? Isn’t that a wonderful picture? But, unfortunately, much of the population first has to contend with a little (or a lot) of negative self-talk, a personal gremlin. Are you familiar with the gremlin? The gremlin waits to shoot down our ideas, deflate our elation, and sabotage our plans (sounds like a family member I know) … when we allow it to happen.

Often, this negativity is so commonplace that we don’t even recognize it when it’s occurring; therefore, we are unable to stop it. So, when we carry on with our activities, we are often so full of doubt, harboring feelings of incompetence, and brandishing insecurities that are in essence setting us up for failure – or at the very least a much more difficult road toward success. The worst case scenario is when we allow our gremlins to stop us from even trying to reach our goal. So how do we silence the gremlin and replace it with our own personal cheerleader instead? There are several ways.

Learn to recognize the gremlin for what it is: a THIEF that stifles creativity, hinders success, and paralyzes growth. Begin to listen carefully for that voice and cut it off before its effects can take root. Here are some ideas from the book I’m reading.

               1) Wear a rubber band on your wrist for a month and give yourself a “zing” whenever you hear that gremlin beginning to discourage you. (In my case, a good ol’ fashioned punch to the face would suffice.)

               2) Surround yourself with positive, happy people who do not allow gremlins to steal their successes. First, it becomes very difficult to continuously hear about positive things without some of your own to add. You’ll start looking for ways to join the crowd. Second, the more you are around positive thoughts, the more real they become, and the more you attract the same back to you.

So what are you waiting for? Start “zinging” your gremlins goodbye!

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