Think You’re Eating Healthy? You’re Nuts!

Wouldn’t it be great if eating healthy could be so simple?! Have you ever been eating a certain way and you feel great about your decision then you find out that the sandwich you’ve been ordering all along is the worst sandwich on the menu to begin with? Yeah that nightmare happened to me a few months ago. I was so proud of myself for ordering the Cold Cut Combo from Subway. I would always make sure the people behind the counter knew that I was eating healthy. Wheat bread, no mayo… yadda, yadda! I never really could understand why the woman behind the counter would always smirk when I ordered. You would have thought that she would have offered some kind of foodie advice like, “Heather, yeah that 12 inch slab of lard that you’re getting ready to shove into your fat trap, that’s the worst sandwich on the menu and really bad for you. Would you like a 44oz drink to complete your meal?” But noooooo the girl behind the counter continued to make my sandwich because that’s what sandwich “artists” do. Thanks a lot Jared, you former fat ass!

So I quit ordering those sandwiches and researched which items at Subway were better for you. I guess I was getting a little too proud of myself in the food choosing department, because tonight I was eating Frito Lay Sunflower Kernels. Good decision right? WRONG! This 2oz bag of Sunflower KERNELS has 300 calories for 1 serving!! How in the hell can a little bag of sunflower kernels be 300 calories? Of course I finished the pack just to prove a point. Well, that and because I was hungry. But make no mistake, I will never purchase another package of those kernels again. I would much rather have a 300 calorie sandwich from Subway. At least then my Buddha will feel full. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Think You’re Eating Healthy? You’re Nuts!

  1. ceciliag says:

    Hi, I am cecilia, and i have been cruising about looking at other peoples blogs about food, we have been discussing dieting on my site today so i thought i would see what other people were thinking. I enjoyed popping in.. c

  2. lindakahle says:

    Nuts and seeds have extremely high calorie levels – they’re deadly! Especially since it’s so easy to snack on them all day and all night. I’m a huge snacker and I especially love salty things (chips, nuts, everything thats bad for you basically) When I was dieting the only thing that worked for me was actually setting a calorie intake limit and counting the calories I ate all day.

    You got this though 🙂

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