Friends like these…

I have to admit that just yesterday I was really feeling alone. I work two jobs, I take care of my Grandma and I manage multiple houses (and their bills) since my Mom is out of town. I don’t have a husband or siblings to rely on so when I get overloaded with things to do, its very easy to drop the ball and want to give up on it all.

So after a few tears and my own little pity party, I do what I typically do… I push the “lonely” emotions to the side and keep on going with my life. Because after all I have so much to be grateful for.

This morning as I made my way into Better Bodies, I was asked to go into the room where the Yoga classes are held. When I walked through the door I was greeted by familiar faces of people that I not only work with but who I am honored to call my friends. These women had gotten up early, drove from long distances and re-scheduled their lives so they could come and workout with me. My eyes tear up as I write this because I never take anything for granted especially the act of kindness from friends.

These friends may have just been working out at a gym this morning. But in reality I was on the edge of a cliff and they saved me from heading down a disastrous road.

I can’t thank them enough … but I can show them by losing weight and staying on track.

You are all the best!!!!

One thought on “Friends like these…

  1. successquest1 says:

    Hi, I can relate to your situation because I used to be very overweight. I have treated it mainly through diet these past couple of years, but this year I have lost a lot. I’m going to write some things about my personal story in a couple of days.

    But first, I have a free ebook that I am giving away at my blog. The post is at:

    The free ebook is on yesterday’s post, and on today’s post there is a link to a special weight loss giveaway event where you can get lots of free material to help you in your quest. And, as I said, in the next few days I’m going to be posting my personal story. While my approach might not be for everyone, it might give you some ideas and the free ebook will give you a lot more.
    Good luck!


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