Starting out on this journey I was thinking it would be fairly easy. Sure, I would crack open a few sweat glands and whine about being sore. But I really thought that would be the most of it. I never would expect that life would toss so many obstacles in my direction all at once. I mean really universe, haven’t you jacked with my life enough already? Why must you continue to “challenge” me on a monthly, weekly, daily and sometimes hourly basis?

So how do I overcome these obstacles that are constantly coming in my direction? Typically I would shove food in my mouth and it would seem to be okay. Or I would just try to sleep through the times that were difficult.  But now I am trying to re-program my way of thinking and living. It’s not complicated… it’s frickin HARD! So over the past two weeks I have been trying to maneuver BRISKLY (that’s for Bob) through my field of bullshit and come out unharmed on the other side. Unharmed with a little bit of ketchup on my chin and the vague smell of french fries in my car….BUT, today is a new day and I am back on track.

Now who wants my life preserver?!?! 😉


  1. Pigeon Heart says:

    Paso por paso~ (step by step en Español). Just take it slow and easy. Food will always be there. I feel you! Buena suerte (good luck).

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