Weight loss and Waist Chains…

This past week I received an e-mail from someone who’s been following my journey and asked if I had ever heard of the “Waist Chain” weightloss method. Since I hadn’t, I thought I would google the topic and this is what I found:  “A weight loss method comprising: fitting a person tightly with a waist chain such that as said person’s weight increases, said waist chain becomes increasingly tight.”

Yeah, as if my tight pants with button indentations on my stomach weren’t enough, now I should invest in a weight loss belly chain. No thanks. While I’m at it, I’ll pass on wearing any type of belly chain or waist chain. If I were to wear one, I would have to visit my local Ace Hardware and get fitted from one of those large rolls of chains nestled on the back wall between the toilets and nuts/bolts. 🙂

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