Time Out!

This past Monday my trainer Bob Long was on The Morning Blend. It was interesting to hear him talk about taking the time to work out and how by not doing so can affect other areas of your life. (It’s common sense, but sometimes we just don’t want to hear it.)

I have to admit that over the past week I have been sick with a bronchial crud and struggling with outside challenges. It’s so very easy to allow “important” things such as taking care of family or finances get in the way of taking the time out of for yourself and your exercise routine.

When things like this happen it’s good to stay focused and make yourself a priority. This seems to be one of the things that I struggle with the most. I do have to admit that I missed being in the gym and I’m looking forward to feeling better and getting back on the treadmill. (I just slapped myself in the face for saying that I MISSED being in the gym!) 😉

Check out Bob’s segment on The Tucson Morning Blend below.


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