Starting out on this journey I was thinking it would be fairly easy. Sure, I would crack open a few sweat glands and whine about being sore. But I really thought that would be the most of it. I never would expect that life would toss so many obstacles in my direction all at once. I mean really universe, haven’t you jacked with my life enough already? Why must you continue to “challenge” me on a monthly, weekly, daily and sometimes hourly basis?

So how do I overcome these obstacles that are constantly coming in my direction? Typically I would shove food in my mouth and it would seem to be okay. Or I would just try to sleep through the times that were difficult.  But now I am trying to re-program my way of thinking and living. It’s not complicated… it’s frickin HARD! So over the past two weeks I have been trying to maneuver BRISKLY (that’s for Bob) through my field of bullshit and come out unharmed on the other side. Unharmed with a little bit of ketchup on my chin and the vague smell of french fries in my car….BUT, today is a new day and I am back on track.

Now who wants my life preserver?!?! 😉

Weight loss and Waist Chains…

This past week I received an e-mail from someone who’s been following my journey and asked if I had ever heard of the “Waist Chain” weightloss method. Since I hadn’t, I thought I would google the topic and this is what I found:  “A weight loss method comprising: fitting a person tightly with a waist chain such that as said person’s weight increases, said waist chain becomes increasingly tight.”

Yeah, as if my tight pants with button indentations on my stomach weren’t enough, now I should invest in a weight loss belly chain. No thanks. While I’m at it, I’ll pass on wearing any type of belly chain or waist chain. If I were to wear one, I would have to visit my local Ace Hardware and get fitted from one of those large rolls of chains nestled on the back wall between the toilets and nuts/bolts. 🙂

Time Out!

This past Monday my trainer Bob Long was on The Morning Blend. It was interesting to hear him talk about taking the time to work out and how by not doing so can affect other areas of your life. (It’s common sense, but sometimes we just don’t want to hear it.)

I have to admit that over the past week I have been sick with a bronchial crud and struggling with outside challenges. It’s so very easy to allow “important” things such as taking care of family or finances get in the way of taking the time out of for yourself and your exercise routine.

When things like this happen it’s good to stay focused and make yourself a priority. This seems to be one of the things that I struggle with the most. I do have to admit that I missed being in the gym and I’m looking forward to feeling better and getting back on the treadmill. (I just slapped myself in the face for saying that I MISSED being in the gym!) 😉

Check out Bob’s segment on The Tucson Morning Blend below.

How Do You Eat Healthy On A Budget?

Eating healthy shouldn’t break the bank. A lot of people, including myself have said “It’s impossible to eat healthy on a budget!” Well, I hate to admit it, but that’s just not true. All of us are different and what we can afford to eat and what we like to eat will vary. However, I can tell you that I have saved a LOT of money by changing my eating habits.

Here is what I typically purchase at the store: 1 Bag of Frozen Chicken (or at Albertsons they have steak Buy 1 get 1 Free), Cucumbers, A plastic tub of spinach/salad, Frozen fruit (Pineapples, Strawberries, Blueberries), Tuna in the can.

I often shop at different stores because of the lowest prices (why spend .99 on a cucumber when another place is offering it for .69?!) The items above can feed me from Sunday until the next Sunday and the amount I paid was just under $32. I also have a large tub of Protein powder that is blended with the fruit for shakes. If I were to eat out at McDonalds or Subway I would have easily spent more money than $32 and wouldnt have been as healthy or as satisfied.

So what are your tricks? How do you save money and eat healthy? I always watch the ads that come in the mail. Shop around at various stores and use coupons!!! 🙂

E-mail me at and we just might read your response on The Morning Blend!

Putting the “OH” in YOGA!

I took a yoga class for the first time yesterday and it was exciting and a little intimidating. I never thought I could hurt so much after rolling around on the floor with my legs in the air. (Seriously, do you have to go there?!) 😉

Perhaps you have never done yoga or maybe you’re a downward doggie pro! I found this link below and list of some basic steps you can take to ensure that your first yoga class won’t also be your last. I have to send a special THANK YOU to Alene and Jeramy and everyone in that class for making my sweaty, smelly, nasty ass feel welcome. 😉

First Time Yoga Student Tip #1. Remove Your Shoes – It is good form to remove shoes before entering a yoga studio. Not only does this cut down on the amount of street dirt brought onto the studio floor, it is also more respectful of the teacher and of the yoga space. (Try odor eaters as well… don’t wear something that “Swamp Thing” wouldn’t even wear.)

First Time Yoga Student Tip #2. Introduce yourself to the Instructor – Not only is it polite, it will also put you more at ease to introduce yourself to the yoga instructor. By letting the teacher know that you are new in class, the teacher will know to help you with your form. Also, by introducing yourself to the instructor you have let him or her know that there is a new student in the class, and the instructor will be more likely to be more descriptive, or not skip any important explanations, as they may do with a class of seasoned yoga students. (Jeramy was great with me, he even tied my feet behind my back — no, that’s a good thing I swear!)

First Time Yoga Student Tip #3. Discuss Any Health Concerns – If you are pregnant, be sure to tell the instructor. There are certain poses, that you should not do, and others will have some modifications that they can explain.

The same goes for any new yoga students with any type of back, neck or hip injury, or a medical condition. Simply let the instructor know, so he/she can advise you on which poses to skip.

First Time Yoga Student Tip #4. Sit in the front of the class – This is probably the most difficult tip for any student new to yoga, or to any class. By sitting in the front of the class, you will have a clear view of the teacher, and the teacher will have a clear view of you.

First Time Yoga Student Tip #5. Follow the Teacher not the Students – By following the movements of the teacher, rather than other students you will learn better form and be less prone to injury. By focusing your attention on the teacher you will be less likely to do number six.

First Time Yoga Student Tip #6. Do not Compare yourself to Other Students – The yoga student next to you could be someone who has taken yoga for a month, a year or a decade. They may be more flexible than you or in better shape. Do not compare their yogic abilities to yours. (I was in a class with wonderful people and a special thanks to Alene for letting me use her belt and brick thingy.)

First Time Yoga Student Tip #7. Ignore the mirror during balance poses – When possible, avert your eyes away from any mirrors during any balancing poses. It is easier to keep your balance when you don’t see yourself and other students moving in the mirror.(I always avert my eyes away from any mirrors, so this was easy to do!)

First Time Yoga Student Tip #8. Pain is not Gain – Do not stretch yourself too far during your first sessions of yoga class. Stretch only as far as is physically comfortable. (Done and Done!)

First Time Yoga Student Tip #9. Take the whole class – Be sure to show up in time for the warm up, stay for the whole class, and stick with it to the end.

First Time Yoga Student Tip #10. Do not skip the meditation – The meditation at the end of class is just as important as the rest of the yoga class. The meditation portion of the yoga class will quiet your mind and body.

By following these basic tips, your first-time yoga class will be enjoyable, and ensure that you will be back for more.