Drive-Thru Dilemma

No, that’s not me at a McDonald’s drive-thru. However, I recently blew a fuse in my car and the end result is that my driver side window no longer goes down. Sure, I could easily fix it but I have noticed that by not having a driver side window, I’m not as easily tempted to go to a drive-thru or an ATM for that matter. Now I’m not suggesting that you run home, pop the hood (or wherever those fuse things are located) and yank the fuse to your window. I’m just saying that sometimes an inconvenience is really a blessing in disguise. It’s how you look at the inconvenience and what you make of it. With that being said, I’m not going to fix my window any time soon…I just hope I don’t get pulled over! 🙂

FATchelorette Party

FATchelorette Party or for men, FATchelor Party – When you know you’re starting a diet and/or work out routine, you consume all of your favorite foods that you love and would never eat ever again. a.k.a. You’re last day of food freedom.
I have to admit that I had myself an ol’ fashioned Fatchelorette party while watching an episode of Bridezillas. (There’s an hour of my life I’ll never get back!) I thought of this word and submitted it to urbandictionary and they accepted it. YAY!
Now back to the treadmill…

The Elephant In The Room

I’ve always thought when people used the term  “Elephant in the room” they were referring to me. However, I learned that wasn’t necessarily the case and it’s actually an English metaphorical idiom for an obvious truth that is being ignored or goes unaddressed. It is based on the idea that an elephant in a room would be impossible to overlook; thus, people in the room who pretend the elephant is not there have chosen to avoid dealing with the looming big issue.

Yesterday the elephant was unleashed on The Morning Blend. I’ve attached a link where you can watch the video. I would like to thank the person who thought it would be a great idea to stuff a fat girl in a director’s chair. Thank goodness the damn thing didn’t collapse during the interview. (Now that would have made for good television!)

You Are What You Eat!

Myself and Mom with Carrie Fisher at her 50th Bday bash

Franklin P. Jones once said “You are what you eat. For example, if you eat garlic you’re apt to be a hermit.”

Well, in my case garlic wasn’t my food of choice but I was indeed a hermit. For several years I hid behind the glow of a computer. I was a hermit and I was scared to venture out into the world because I was ashamed of the way I looked. This picture was taken the first time I met my friend Carrie Fisher. I met Carrie online in a chat room and we would often instant message each other, send e-mails and eventually graduated to talking on the phone. (Sounds like the making of a really perverted commercial if you ask me). Eight years later Carrie invited my Mom and myself to her house for her 50th Birthday/Halloween Party. I was excited, terrified, nervous, anxious etc. What if I was rejected and she banished my fat ass to the driveway and security would walk me out? What if she was embarrassed of how I looked and ignored me? So many scenarios were going through my mind.

When we arrived Kim (Carrie’s former assistant) took me by the hand and walked me over to Carrie. When she introduced me it was if my entire world stopped rotating for a moment. Carrie reached out and gave me a huge hug and kissed me on the cheek. She held me for a moment as if to reassure me that it was okay. I was okay. We were okay. Sure, she is famous for her role in Star Wars and for her many movies she has starred in and the books she has written. But as an overweight girl from Tucson, Arizona… she is famous in my eyes for allowing me a moment of feeling self worth and happiness. Carrie inspired me to write the movie The Perfect Man and now as I watch her Jenny Craig commercials, she has again inspired me to lose weight. Carrie has a heart bigger than the universe and a true spirit of an angel.

* Emotional Trigger: Anxiety, Disappointment, Fear, Anger, Frustration
* Lesson Learned: When you allow yourself to emerge from behind your fear, people will often shock you.
* How to grow from it: I can TELL my friends how much I appreciate them. However, by losing weight and becoming healthy I am able to SHOW them how much I appreciate them. Actions speak louder than words.