Sometimes You Wanna Go, Where Everybody Knows Your Name…

As I was schlepping my big butt along the treadmill this morning I couldn’t help but notice how Better Bodies is much like the television show “Cheers”. Allow me to explain through interpretive dance. (Thank goodness you can’t see this!) 

When you walk into the gym there are machines on the left and on your right is a beautiful juice/smoothie/coffee/tea/water bar full of delicious goodness. Behind the bar is a handsome devil named Terry. Terry is always quick to offer advice about life, love and the pursuit of making a really spectacular smoothie. It was interesting to watch people who after finishing their workout, decide to belly up to the bar instead of bolting out of the gym like a horse at the Kentuck Derby. As one person would get up to leave, another would sit down and join in on the conversation. I thought this was really cool, especially for a gym.

I focused back on what I was doing and then it hit me, if this place is like Cheers and Terry is like “Woody” and Jeramy is like “Sam” then that would make me … “Norm!” 😉

“What’s shaking, Norm?”
“All four cheeks and a couple of chins.”

Check out  for more information or call Jeramy at (520) 731-1668, tell him Norm sent ya! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Sometimes You Wanna Go, Where Everybody Knows Your Name…

  1. Laurie Thoma says:

    I just watched your clips and I had this same thought when Bob was talking about how you are greeted and how the staff gets to know you quickly! This is so exciting to watch your transformation back to your old self. So proud of you girl! 😉

  2. Taryn says:

    I know your name!… I know your name!…
    oh pick me! pick me! I know the answer!!!!
    …… its Heather.
    Dang I’m good. Next question please.

  3. Mary Davis says:

    Hi Heather,
    I also workout at Better Bodies (with the lovely Lincoln). You are so correct about it being like Cheers. I love walking into “Mary Davis! Have a great workout” from various trainers and clients. And I love my chats with Terry. Better Bodies is a great place to be during weight loss journeys. Best of luck on yours!!


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