Chicago or Bust!?

A friend of mine asked me today, “Heather, why do you always carry that Nalgene water bottle?” To most people it’s just a simple water bottle and doesn’t serve much purpose than to *gasp* hold water. However, this specific water bottle was given to me when I worked for Oprah in Chicago. Now, this is the moment where most people expect me to go into a long story about working for the most powerful woman in entertainment. Well, I hate to disappoint you, but that part of the story stops here. (However, I must say that Sheri Salata inspired me in so many ways to go on this journey!)

Anyhow, the reason I carry the water bottle is because each day it reminds me that I had the guts to do something scary. When I was in Tucson I received a call to come and work in Chicago. I had only lived in Los Angeles (which was still close to home) and Denver. Chicago seemed like a far off country and I was terrified to leave, but I knew that if I didn’t do it, I would always wonder “what if?” My mom and grandmother would always say, “Life is just too short for “what if’s” — you have to go and do this!” So I packed the things I needed in three large bags, boarded an American Airlines flight and left the two people who are my entire world in Tucson.

To leave something that is familiar to you, is probably the scariest thing someone could do. If it’s moving to a different city, country, school or even changing the way you eat or your lifestyle. All of those things can be terrifying, but you have to take the leap. There are many things that I took away from my Chicago experience, the Nalgene bottle is just one of them. 😉

* Emotional Trigger: Anxiety, Disappointment, Fear, Anger, Happiness, Frustration
* Lesson Learned: Leaving the things that are familiar to you, make room for new experiences and opportunities.
* How to grow from it: Going forward in life you can draw from the moments that have scared you the most. There have been many times when I would think, “If I can pack up and move to Chicago, I can certainly do this!” Go after those moments and scare the hell out of yourself. You will be so glad that you did.

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